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Think 2030 Conference - Registration

Online Event

Monday, 16 November - Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Thank you very much for your interest in the Think2030 Conference. Please note that this event is for invited participants only. If you have not received a personal invitation, but would like to register for the event, we cannot guarantee you a spot for the event. We will check your registration in order to assure a good mix of participants from different sectors and with different areas of expertise. Thank you for your understanding.

Form of address

Please choose one breakout group for each of the two sessions.

Breakout group 1
The registration for the group "Climate change impacts, biodiversity and nature-based solutions" is now full.
Breakout group 2
The registration for the groups "Targets and indicators for the European Green Deal" and "Green stimulus post COVID-19: re-building better" is now full.
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By submitting this form, I agree that Ecologic Institute will collect, store and process my data for the purpose of organising this event. This includes organisational notifications about this event.You can find further information in our data protection regulations.

The conference will be held through the event platform Whova. By submitting this form (a) I confirm and accept both Whova's privacy policy and terms of use and (b) I agree that my name, e-mail address and organisation will be transferred to the platform for the purpose of the event organisation. I will receive a separate link from Whova to attend the event at a later stage.

By attending this event, I agree to screenshots and videos being taken during the online event and that images containing me may be used by the event organisers in relation to the event/project, including documentation on project related websites and social media.